It is a high-quality construction aluminum pot that can be
    an enduring workhorse in any kind of kitchen.


    Karahi is a thick, circular and deep vessel that is used for
    shallow or deep fry.


    It is a light weight pot that has a handle on each side with
    a close fitting lid.


    Langri is half the height of Aluminium Tope that is available in
    a variety of sizes


    It is mainly used for stewing or boiling but can be used in a
    variety of ways.

Jagannath Aluminium Industries is a manufacturer of high precision, high grade aluminium utensils, sheets and circles.
We have been delivering high quality products to the world market for over four decades.

  • Manufacturer Since 1966
  • Competitive Pricing
  • On-Time Delivery
  • No Compromise on Quality
  • Understanding of Customers’ Requirements

We have derived our vision with a passion to promote a culture of constant innovation, quality and integrity and to add value to the customers we serve.

To become the most successful manufacturer in utensil industry by providing best customer experience.

Products Developed For Our Clients

These are some of the products that have been developed especially to suit the need and requirements of our clients. We have aligned our ideas with the changing times and newer market demands.